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The industry of the Svisloch region is represented by three industrial companies: a private procuring-production company, Svisloch-based Factory of Cane Furniture and a utility company.

The local procuring-production company is the main industrial company of the region. It accounts for more than 80% of the total output of the Svisloch region. The company produces confectionery, sausages, bakery, mineral water and others.

The Svisloch-based Factory of Cane Furniture produces cane furniture, processes wood materials. The company is in the middle of jointstockicizing. At present, specialists of the company are studying proposals, possible participation of investors in production activity and also the manufacture of new products.

The main branch of the region is agriculture. Agricultural companies of the Svisloch region produce cereal crops, sugar beet, rape, flax, milk and meat.

The total agricultural area of the region is 48.681 hectares including the area under crops – 35.448 hectares. As of October 1, 2007, the cattle stock made up 21.584 head, hogs – 20.317 head. The agricultural branch of the region employs 2.349 people.

The main agricultural producers of the region are OAO Khonevichi and OAO Acr-Agro.