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24 June 2015

Belarusian MP urges international community to prevent new war tragedies

GRODNO, 24 June (BelTA) – To prevent a repeat of war tragedies is the moral duty of the international community. The opinion was voiced by Vladimir Andreichenko, Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus, First Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia, during the roundtable session held in Grodno on 24 June to discuss the remembrance of world wars, BelTA has learned.

Vladimir Andreichenko said: "Today our meeting will touch upon very complicated periods of modern history. The total loss of life during World War One and World War Two is impossible to measure while their consequences for the development of nations are still felt to this very day. Belarus has unfailingly been the epicenter of strife between warring parties. The country's territory has been repeatedly reshaped, with cities and villages destroyed, material, historical and cultural valuables lost. Not a single Belarusian family has been left unscathed by the torments. Other nations that we treat like brothers have had their fair share of suffering. It is the moral duty of the international community to remember about it and do everything to prevent a repeat of the tragedy."

The head of the lower chamber of the Belarus parliament noted that at present the general public is concerned about attempts to falsify history, attempts to convince the society to believe that a fair world order can be established through force of arms. "It is obvious that there will be no winners in another world war. This is why the key lesson of history — starting a war is easier than ending one — must not be forgotten."

Addressing those present, Vladimir Andreichenko stressed that Belarus' foreign policy has been consistently peaceful. "Our initiatives have ever been aimed at resolving international problems only through dialogue, mutual respect and cooperation. The transparency of the political course, absence of territorial disputes with neighbors, renunciation of nuclear weapons make Belarus a factor of regional stability. The country invests considerable resources into international programs on fighting transboundary crime, illegal migration, and terrorism. Taking into account the solid civil peace in the country Belarus is a donor of security for other states. We are ready to continue doing everything for the sake of getting existing military conflicts resolved peacefully. We will welcome everyone, who supports Belarus in this endeavor," said Vladimir Andreichenko.

The MP also stressed that Belarus maintains special relations with Russia as a strategic partner. The countries build their future through joint efforts. The preservation of historical memory, the basic values that determine the sovereignty of a state, love of the native land, and patriotism is one of the key avenues of cooperation along with the enhancement of the national economies and the defensive ability. Belarusian and Russian MPs do a lot for the sake of educating the youth, reinforcing spiritual ties. The creation of the Eurasian Economic Union opens up new opportunities. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia should use all the instruments of parliamentary diplomacy to help implement a coordinated economic policy.

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